Albert Bloch: Expressionist

Albert Bloch: Expressionist presents the career and contributions of a pioneering American artist who advanced the cause of modernism in the early decades of the twentieth century. Bloch expatriated to Munich in 1909 where he became an integral part of the vanguard German art scene while exhibiting expressionist works alongside fellow artists Wassily Kandinsky, Franz Marc and Gabriel Münter. Together they formed Der Blaue Reiter to break from academic tradition, and their new art grounded in a spiritual message became an essential link to the development of German Expressionism. The exhibition presents the subjects and themes that Bloch explored in his famed Blue Rider period in Munich across paintings, drawings and prints, and introduces audiences to the artist’s lesser-known late works that were created in America as more private endeavors. As the only member of the American Blue Rider group, Bloch was an integral voice in the dialogue across continents during this innovative time and emerges as a pivotal figure in the history of modernism.