The art of Charles Goeller belongs to a generation of American modernists in the post-World War I era who shifted from the influence of international styles towards a distinctly national aesthetic. Charles Goeller: The Art of the Unfinished Problem invites viewers to consider the artist’s approach to resolving visual problems through large-scale works from his distinctive early period in Paris, suburban landscapes that wistfully convey the changing world around him, to masterfully executed trompe l’oeil tabletop arrangements.  

  • My aim is to attain a still more clear outline—perhaps it is a reaction against the incoherent fluffy work one sees. In any case, it is what I want to do. I don’t want to exaggerate or to make any sacrifices to obtain an effect, all of which leads to a lack of balance.

    - Charles Goeller, c. 1927-28

  • Charles Goeller is another new man, whose name ought to become familiar enough if he continues to paint as well as he has painted in The Checkered Tablecloth. The fabric, humble but brightly blue and white, drapes itself cunningly.

    - Edward Alden Jewell,

      The New York Times, 1929

    • Charles Goeller, Dream of Fair Women, by 1941
      Charles Goeller, Dream of Fair Women, by 1941
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    • Charles Goeller, Self-Portrait, 1945
      Charles Goeller, Self-Portrait, 1945
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  • Goeller belongs to “a group of painters which interprets the American scene in a highly selective realism, amounting almost to a formal purism . . . their work is characterized by clarity of design and excellent feeling for architectonic arrangement."

                - Alfred H. Barr and Holger Cahill, Art in America: A Complete Survey, 1935

  • Charles Goeller’s Blue Box is almost virtuosity, yet sheers well away from that dangerous reef. It is a good illustration of the modern use of color as an integral part of the expression of form.

     - Daniel Gallery 

    exhibition review, 1931

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