When one thinks of Maine, images drawn from memory and photographs often appear: rich, navy Atlantic Ocean sparring with imposing grey rock it carved itself; piercing blue skies with understated clouds; towering pine trees in varying hues of hunter green that remain verdant come summer or snow. This is, of course, Maine, and it is beautiful, simple, and familiar. Each of the artists in this show have seen, understood, and loved this Maine; after all, artists from all backgrounds have found inspiration in Maine’s majestic landscapes. But they have also found more in each wave, tree, and mountain. There is a reason the place itself, and not simply its idea or image, has kept them coming back. These artists ask you to look again, beyond literal colors and shapes, to the way Maine and its people move and feel. N.C. Wyeth captures the infinite summer breeze in Wash Day, and turns a moment of chore into one of bliss. Modernists John Marin and Marsden Hartley drew out the purple, orange, and pink possibilities each moment in Maine holds. They found new ways to render classic, seemingly-unchangeable, shapes. They saw beyond the literal to the essence, and summarized their views in fewer brush strokes and bolder colors. In Richard Estes’s astonishing details, he shows us how each blade of grass and ripple of ocean contribute to the moments that take our breath away. The artists in this presentation have interpreted these hallmark features in their own distinct ways, and in doing so, challenge us to see beyond the literal and embrace the wondrous spirit of Maine captured in each stroke and color.

  • "By noon, and in a moment's time it seemed, the baffling pale curtain lifted, and spread out before us in the most lavish display of color and brilliance possible, lay the blue jeweled water, the familiar green islands, the moving flecks of white, yellow, and green boats... The arch of the heavens loomed stupendously and the twinkling floor of the sea stretched into the infinite. No greater miracle ever happened!" 
    N.C. Wyeth to his daughter, Henriette, Port Clyde, Maine, July 20, 1935
  • 'Maine is likewise a strong, simple, stately and perhaps brutal country, you get directness of demeanor, and you know where...
    Marsden Hartley
    Petunias from Lachaise's Garden, 1937-38
    "Maine is likewise a strong, simple, stately and perhaps brutal country, you get directness of demeanor, and you know where you stand. . ."
    Marsden Hartley, 1937
    • John Marin, Maine, 1952
      John Marin, Maine, 1952
    • John Marin Sea Movement, Maine, 1923
      John Marin
      Sea Movement, Maine, 1923
  • "This day is a peach, clear, snappy, the tide is in, the water a crystal green, the water a crystal green, the sky coming down to the waters, indescribable brilliancy. The boats dance. Everything is dancing. To Hell with Gloom."
    John Marin to Alfred Stieglitz, Stonington, Maine, 1923
    • John Marin Pine Trees on Mountain Top, Small Point, Maine, 1915
      John Marin
      Pine Trees on Mountain Top, Small Point, Maine, 1915
    • John Marin Spruce with Moss, Small Point, Maine, 1914
      John Marin
      Spruce with MossSmall PointMaine1914
  • Andrew Wyeth Clam Boats, 1966
    Andrew Wyeth

    Clam Boats, 1966

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